Sunday, March 4, 2012

I tend not to suffer fools kindly

The following is a comment that I posted at Sadly, No! in response to some patent nonsence spewed forth by a troll named Dang who made the following observations about a previous commenter who claimed to have heard the word Nigger spoken during the tea party Uggaboogaloo
Summer of love 2009, during a confrontation with congressman John Lewis on his way to a vote on the Health care bill. In any event, the Jackass in question was demanding that said person should provide proof and that the fact that no one had provided any to this point (with standards set for goalpost relocation and related activities that would make it impossible to claim.)

Apparently the original comment has been scrubbed...If I bother to keep this experiment and exercise in play I will think about archiving the comments with screen shots and suchlike, anyhooo on th the fun

Provider_UppityNegroEmbigulator said,

March 4, 2012 at 0:45

You’re either lying or you have horrible memory. Or you’ve convinced yourself of something you heard from someone else that you so desperately want to believe that you’ll not only take his word for it, you’ll just make up something out of whole cloth to perpetuate the lie.

You know dagn, your clearly developed remote sensing abilities combined with your mind reading skills, providing that they exist, would put you in a very powerful position to own as much of the world as you desire…A weekend in Vegas should give you enough seed corn to start your own thinktank, K-street lobbying firm, or any entrepeneurial adventure you could choose to imagine, which might leave you busy, with real things, other than visiting a snark liberal blog to defend the indefenible.

Brietbart was a dumpsterdog race baiting bigot. Your defense of him on this issue makes you someone cut from the same cloth.

Lotsa Folk hate Niggers, which doesn’t make it OK, necissarily, but gives you lots of company in which to pal around. However i can appreciate your frustration that you can’t exactly lynch them with impunity anymore.

Brietbart was, hopefully, the last person who could get away with it, which he did, early and often. So fuck that bastard, and fuck you.

This has been several tests, and hopefully the class will be passed.

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Anonymous said...


Seeing as how you're a B-town resident and a member of the Hoosier faithful, which, like me, you're no doubt counting the seconds till next season's tip-off, I should probably not persist in tormenting you and your little experiment at wingnut reconciliation, whatever that is.

Andre Carson is a dishonest, dirtbag politician. He claimed he heard the n-word shouted at him and Congressman Lewis not once, or twice, or even a few times. He claimed he heard it fifteen times while walking amongst and through the crowd assembled for the Kill the Bill Rally at the Capitol steps.

Breitbart called him on that horrendously dubious statement, and offered $100,000 to the UNCF for any evidence whatsoever, even one utterance. No one has come forward with a single thing, despite scads of video and audio recording devices among that crowd. Don't you think it betrays common sense that at least one person in close proximity amongst a very large crowd would've thought to pull out their cell phones upon hearing the n-word 'shouted'? SHOUTED, Kent. Shouted FIFTEEN TIMES!

Nothing. No evidence whatsoever. Nada. Zilch.

Next time I'm n B-town maybe we can go over to Nick's for a few beers or G&T's and go over the video where we see Lewis and Carson not being spat upon or being shouted at with racial epithets.

Racism is ugly. Racism exists. There may very well have been racists amongst that crowd. The fact of the matter is, Carson made up that claim that he and Lewis were shouted at with the n-word fifteen times. And there was absolutely no reason to make that up.

That's not a Sullivan. It's not a Reynolds, nor a Hoft either. It's a fact.